SADY-JX air purification and disinfection screen
SADY-JX air purification and disinfection screen
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Product description

One, model: SADY-JX

With filtration 2.0 technology, the purification and disinfection unit is composed of a pre-filtration system and a main filtration system. The pre-filtration system is composed of a primary filter and a medium-efficiency filter. The main filtration system is composed of HEPA and lysozyme HEPA. The filtration efficiency of the pre-filtration system for particles of ≥1μm in one pass is more than 99%, and the purification efficiency of the main filtration system for dust particles of ≥0.3μm in one pass is 99.97%, and the bacteria that are blocked by HEPA are rapid Killed by lysozyme, the sterilization efficiency is 99.99%.

Second, the scope of application

Operating room, delivery room, neonatal room, intensive care unit, burn ward, interventional catheterization room, blood ward, hemodialysis room, treatment room, sterile room, etc.

Three, functional characteristics:

● It adopts four-stage filter of primary effect, medium effect, HEPA high efficiency and lysozyme high efficiency filter to remove dust and bacteria.

● Use bio-environmental protection material lysozyme filter to sterilize, completely avoid secondary pollution.

● Efficient resistance dust collection, biological sterilization, safety and environmental protection, continuous dynamic purification and disinfection in the presence of people.

● Circulating purification air volume 600/400/200 (m³/h) adjustable for high, medium and low.

● The rapid purification and disinfection function can quickly purify the air quality of the controlled environment from low-level cleanliness to high-level cleanliness. If it is used in the operating room, it can reduce the time for surgery to change tables and increase the turnover rate of surgery.

● Mute function, the noise of normal working equipment is below 45dB, and the noise of ultra-quiet working state is below 35dB.

● The device is preset with a data interface to support communication and docking of the digital management platform for air purification and disinfection.

● Intelligent management, with a purification and disinfection performance evaluation system, a pre-filter cleaning and maintenance agreement system, and a filter replacement early warning system.

● German ebm imported high-power circulating air system, energy-saving, durable and ultra-low noise.

● With advanced energy-saving concept and unique energy-saving structure, the maximum rated power of the equipment is only 118W.

● The unique one-key sleep function creates a good night sleep environment for personnel.

● Unique filtration system permeability display function to ensure high-quality purification and disinfection effects.

● Large-screen LCD display function, real-time display of various data during the operation of the equipment.

● Advanced timing function, single timing, cyclic timing and normal work can be set arbitrarily according to different needs.

● Remote control operation, convenient for customers to manage equipment operation.

Four, technical parameters

Specification model SADY-JX
Circulating air volume 600m3/h 400m3/h  2003/h 
Dust removal efficiency ≥99.97%
Sterilization efficiency ≥99.99%
Noise ≤49/43/32dB(A)
Maximum rated power 118W
Power 220V 50HZ
Dimensions 1450×890×80(mm)
Weight 54kg


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