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After-sales Service

After-sales Service


After-sales team

    Shandong Shuaidi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has a professionally trained maintenance technical team. Distribution agencies and after-sales service departments in various regions can quickly supply product parts and accessories to ensure that they provide customers with a complete set of quality services.

After-sales tracking

    Shandong Shuaidi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has established a service file for each customer. When you choose SADY products, your relevant information will also enter our dynamic customer management system. Any problems you encounter during use will be recorded, and we will provide you with technical support anytime, anywhere.

    If users need technical consultation during use, they can call the company service number:0538-8521993

After-sales maintenance

Warranty coverage:

   A, the product implements the three guarantees service. Under normal use and storage, the whole machine is sold within one year, and the warranty is implemented with the warranty and invoice.

   B. During the warranty period, the company is responsible for free repairs if it fails to operate normally due to manufacturing quality.

   C. During the warranty period, the parts are damaged due to improper operation or maintenance. The company can supply parts at a preferential rate and repairs are free.

   D. After the warranty period expires, if there is a failure or the parts are damaged by themselves, you can contact the local repair station or the company's after-sales service center. The local repair station or the company will continue to provide users with preferential accessories.


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