SADY-GLZA isolated diagnosis and treatment table
SADY-GLZA isolated diagnosis and treatment table
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Product description

Product introduction:

The Shuidi brand air purifier is a brand new air purifier developed through technological expansion and innovation based on the principle and technology of medical air purifying and sterilizing. Mainly used to purify indoor haze and pollutants, decompose indoor harmful gases and odors, effectively control the harm of pathogenic microorganisms to human health, improve indoor air quality in an all-round way, and ensure the health and safety of the home environment. It is suitable for families, schools, kindergartens, and governments Offices, hotels, high-end office buildings, fitness and recreational places.


Product advantages:

1. Medical grade purification effect, professional manufacturing. More than ten years of medical air purifier manufacturing experience, professional R&D and manufacturing team, medical-grade product standards, medical quality system quality assurance, and medical professional authoritative testing institutions to ensure high-quality purification effects.

2. Shuadi brand KJ520 has the invention patent of lysozyme purification technology (patent number: ZL97197682.1), this technology makes our products unique among products in the same industry. After decades of scientific research and technological precipitation by the company's scientific research team, the product has unique functions of disinfection, sterilization and removal of allergens. Different from most brands in the same industry, it is especially suitable for venues with high air quality requirements such as newborns and children, filling the market gap in the civil air purification industry.

3. In the modern home environment, harmful substances (such as formaldehyde, etc.) generated by building materials or decoration have become a real threat to new houses. Long-term residence will reduce people's quality of life and harm their health. The powerful functionality of our products can be effective Respond to threats in this area.

4. This product has a powerful function of removing odors, and can effectively filter second-hand smoke, carbon dioxide and other odors that cause discomfort to the human body in a short time.

5. The product is low-noise and high-performance. Users only need 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity a day to get natural breathing freely.

6. The design of dual centrifugal fans, super large filter configuration, and imported core components to ensure the superior performance of the equipment. Different from the single fan, small filter, and large housing design of most products on the market, all the designs of this product are built around the core idea of ​​the highest quality of air purifiers.

7. The design of this product is simple, generous and practical, and abides by the spirit of “sheet metal craftsman”. Based on the concept of high efficiency and energy saving, the product design focuses on the actual use effect. "Screen-style" ultra-thin body design, large-area air supply vent guarantees high-quality purification effects and a soft and comfortable wind feeling, saving equipment space, and can be placed on the floor or mounted on the wall.


Product performance: 5258 I love my home

●5 major functions to efficiently remove PM2.5, powerfully kill germs, effectively remove formaldehyde, quickly remove odors, effectively remove allergens, and take care of your health in all directions.

●2 modes: smart mode + personalized precision mode Smart mode: scheduled to open, intelligently detect various pollutants, automatically switch the purification mode, combat various pollution throughout the process, and fully protect the home environment. Personalized precision mode: Whether the equipment is placed in the living room or bedroom, classroom or meeting room, it will correspond to different working modes according to different environmental needs to achieve a precise purification effect.

●Level 5 energy efficiency

●8-fold guarantee

Primary efficiency filter + medium efficiency filter + HEPA filter + lysozyme HEPA filter + new composite formaldehyde removal filter, five-fold purification effect guarantee;

Enzyme sterilization, purification and disinfection technology, safety and environmental protection;

High-end configuration, professional manufacturing, excellent performance guarantee;

Five-year warranty, lifetime service, safe use guarantee.

 Product parameters

Product Model


Rated input voltage



25W-112W  Standby≤2W

Applicable area


CDAR value of particulate matter


CCM value of particulate matter


Formaldehyde CDAR value


CCM value of formaldehyde


Noise value


Product weight


Control method

Remote control/panel control

Product size


Color classification

Ivory white

How it works

Through the initial effect, middle effect, high efficiency, HEPA high efficiency, filtration and dust removal purification; lysozyme HEPA biological sterilization; new composite module to remove formaldehyde and odor.

Applicable venue

Home, school, office, meeting room and other indoor activity places

Recommended filter life

Over 12 months

After-sales service

Nationwide warranty


Application case:











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Isolation diagnosis and treatment table SADY-GLZB
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