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"Western Development News" came to our company to interview

"Western Development News" came to our company to interview

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  • Time of issue:2014-08-26
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"Western Development News" came to our company to interview

(Summary description)This is a private enterprise established only four years ago, but it "dominates" my country's bio-environmental enzyme sterilization air purification and disinfection technology.

  • Categories:Media reports
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  • Time of issue:2014-08-26
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The A7 (Western Focus. Shandong) edition of "Western Development News" on April 11, 2014 published an interview with "Xu Xiaoshuai, General Manager of Shandong Shuaidi Medical Technology Co., Ltd."


Western Development News


     Stand at the forefront of science and technology, control the initiative in competition——Interview with Xu Xiaoshuai, general manager of Shandong Shuidi Medical Technology Co., Ltd

This is a private enterprise established only four years ago, but it "dominates" my country's bio-environmental enzyme sterilization air purification and disinfection technology. Many hospitals in 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have operating rooms, intensive care units (ICU), and new students. The pediatric care unit, burn ward, and blood ward are all equipped with air purification and disinfection screens made with this technology. This company is Shandong Shuai Di Medical Technology Co., Ltd. So, why does this company have such technology? Why is their air purification and disinfection screen so popular? Recently, the reporter came to Tai'an City, Shandong Province to interview the company and its founder, Xu Xiaoshuai, the general manager.

Advanced concept, harvest advanced technology

After graduating from university, Xu Xiaoshuai entered a state-owned enterprise, engaged in equipment sales, and soon grew from an ordinary salesman to a business backbone. However, due to various reasons, the company failed to adapt to market changes in time and went bankrupt. Xu Xiaoshuai became a member of the unemployed army. However, Xu Xiaoshuai, who has always been eager to win, did not complain about others, let alone sink into depravity. Instead, he made a vow to do something. He said that corporate bankruptcy and asset reorganization are inevitable for the survival of the fittest under market economy conditions, and they also bring opportunities to many companies and individuals. I just want to seize this opportunity to rise up against the trend, take my own path, and create Make a career that belongs to you and belongs to society.

After careful consideration, Xu Xiaoshuai set his sights on medical air disinfection and purification equipment in the medical device industry and established his own company. You know, the competition in the field of medical air disinfection and purification equipment is also very fierce. Xu Xiaoshuai, who has rich marketing, certainly understands this, but he has unique insights. Xu Xiaoshuai believes that fierce competition is not only not a bad thing, but is a leverage point that companies can use. Enterprises should be good at actively taking advantage of the power of competition, allowing competition to "force" themselves, force out pressure, force motivation, and force high-quality products. He said that for an enterprise to win the market, the key is that it must not only have first-class product quality, but also have its own characteristics and be different, and this "difference" is a competitive advantage. Xu Xiaoshuai explained that this is the so-called "differentiated marketing."

Out of this concept, Xu Xiaoshuai had a preliminary idea for his products: if others use high-energy-consuming machinery as the power source, then I will use low-energy electronics as the power source; others use ultraviolet rays or drugs to achieve the purpose of disinfection, but But it may have side effects on the human body; then I will use advanced technology that does not have side effects on the human body, and can play a role in air purification and disinfection, which has the dual effects of disinfection and health care. Therefore, he conducted a comprehensive "reconnaissance" of relevant information in a variety of ways.

Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. This "famous saying" that made people familiar with it was fulfilled in Xu Xiaoshuai.

The most advanced air disinfection and purification technology in the world today is the "enzyme sterilization" technology exclusively invented by Japan Nikki General Co., Ltd. It is a powerful combination of lysozyme extracted from the organism and the fiber of the filter material to lyse the bacteria at the molecular size level. The material solidified in the filter is made into an enzyme filter material for sterilization. Lysozyme is a kind of hydrolytic enzyme, which has a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect and will not cause any side effects to the human body while sterilizing.

After learning this information, Xu Xiaoshuai immediately got in touch with the company through various channels and expressed his desire to cooperate with it. Motivated by his sincerity, his unique insights into the development trend of medical technology and medical air purification and disinfection, and the company's future development vision, the company decided to teach this technology. In this way, Shuidi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. became the sole owner of this technology in mainland China, and at the same time opened the door to the market.

Foreign for China's use successfully opened the market

According to ordinary people's thinking, having advanced technology is equivalent to owning the market, but Xu Xiaoshuai does not think so. In his view, in order to benefit the advanced technology industry, the key is to make this technology suitable for the market and meet the needs of users. "Use doctrine" may achieve temporary results, but it will never last. Therefore, he proposed the idea: digest on the basis of introduction, improve on the basis of digestion, and innovate on the basis of improvement. Therefore, on the one hand, he and his scientific research team conducted in-depth research on this Japanese technology, and mastered the fit of technology and production process; at the same time, they also conducted extensive research in many domestic hospitals to understand the hospital’s air purification The actual demands of disinfection equipment. They tried to produce and improve at the same time, and soon launched their first batch of products, and successfully passed the quality appraisal of the national and Shandong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and got the "pass" to enter the market.

As soon as these products were put on the market, they were widely welcomed by many hospitals. They have put operating rooms, delivery rooms, intensive care units (ICU), neonatal care units, catheterization rooms, burn wards, sterile rooms, and blood wards. Replaced with the products of Shuidi Company——The products of Shuidi Company have moved from Tai'an City to Shandong Province and the whole country!

Xu Xiaoshuai said that our ultra-thin and high-efficiency air purification screen is the first domestic air purification product that uses "lysozyme" technology filters. It is suitable for any place where the hospital needs to purify and disinfect the air, and can ensure that it reaches a Class II environment. Claim. One of the biggest features of our products is that they break through the air purification technical problems of high efficiency, energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection and no side effects on the human body. Specifically, it can not only collect and capture tiny particles in the air, but also effectively kill bacteria and microorganisms, and has a powerful sterilization function. In addition, it has the effect of environmental protection and energy saving. It is said that it is environmentally friendly and energy-saving for two reasons: First, because lysozyme is extracted from organisms and is an edible enzyme, it will not cause any toxic side effects to the environment and human body; second, our products use Advanced electronic power technology consumes very little power, only one-two percent of traditional air purification equipment. Therefore, our products are truly energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. In addition, air purification and disinfection equipment powered by machinery requires both a dedicated operating space and dedicated personnel to monitor the operation, which is not required for our products. Because our products are integrated and have an ultra-thin screen design, they can be installed on the wall or ceiling according to the actual needs of the space used, and they can be moved as long as they are plugged in. Therefore, the "unusual" air purification and disinfection products of Shuidi Company have been widely welcomed by various hospitals.

Although the core technology of today's Shuai Di's products comes from the Japanese company, it has been deeply imprinted by Shuai in many aspects, because they have obtained a total of eight national patents such as practical technology and appearance design. It is the actual embodiment of Xu Xiaoshuai's concept of introduction, digestion, improvement and innovation.

When talking about the future development, Xu Xiaoshuai said that we still have to make unremitting technological innovation, continuously improve product quality, and expand product application fields. He said that the current air pollution has become a hot topic, and we will also carry out targeted research and development to develop civilian air purification and disinfection products, such as air purification and disinfection equipment for conference rooms and entertainment venues, as well as general Household air purification and disinfection equipment uses our technology and products to create a "Noah's Ark" with fresh and healthy air for the masses.


(Shandong reporter station Liu Zhao Liu Zhiyuan Xiaofeng Chen Jun)

Article source link: http://www.xbkfw.cn/epaper/20140411/index.html

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Leaders from the Provincial Organization Department visited our company for investigation

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Shandong Shuaidi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has actively responded to the call of the Party Central Committee and resolutely implemented the anti-epidemic deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government.

Tai'an Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Zhang Tao and his entourage visited our company for investigation and guidance

On the afternoon of March 18, the deputy secretary and mayor of Tai'an Municipal Committee Zhang Tao and his entourage came to our company for research and guidance

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From August 3rd to August 5th, 2020, the three-day Zhongyuan Medical Equipment Exhibition came to a successful conclusion in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center!


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