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Sincerely invite cooperation

Sincerely invite cooperation


Shandong Shuaidi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. integrates scientific research, development, manufacturing, and installation services. It is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to improving indoor air quality. The series of medical air purification equipment independently developed by the company has a broad market prospect.

With the development of the market and the progress of business, our company's purification and disinfection equipment has spread all over the country. The Chinese Academy of Hospital Inspiration, the Ministry of Health and the China Food and Drug Administration have all approved our company's products and issued authoritative qualification certificates.

The medical air purification and disinfection industry is in the stage of product transformation and replacement, and most domestic medical institutions are in a state of rapid development of transformation and expansion. The industry will usher in a golden period of development, with huge market potential! Our company is serious and looks forward to co-creating the glory of the industry with you!

Welcome all provinces and local medical product distributors to call or write to us, and look forward to cooperating with you!

Contact number: 0538-8521988


Address: No.25, Tailai Road, Tai'an City, Shandong Province
Postal Code: 271000
Mobile: +86 18265488020
Email: eric.cheng@sadycn.com

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