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Technological innovation

Technological innovation

Description:生物环保型酶杀菌空气净化消毒技术 高科技环保材料运用 国内独家技术优势 酶杀菌空气净化消毒技术(溶菌酶过滤材料)是由日本日挥通用株式会社独家发明,享有世界专利保护(专利号:ZL97197682.1),山东帅迪医疗科技有限公司为经发明人合法授权的在中国医用领域溶菌酶过滤材料唯一使用者。
Description:生物环保型酶杀菌空气净化消毒技术 高科技环保材料运用 国内独家技术优势 酶杀菌空气净化消毒技术(溶菌酶过滤材料)是由日本日挥通用株式会社独家发明,享有世界专利保护(专利号:ZL97197682.1),山东帅迪医疗科技有限公司为经发明人合法授权的在中国医用领域溶菌酶过滤材料唯一使用者。

Technological innovation


Technical essentials


Biological environmental protection enzyme sterilization air purification and disinfection technology

The use of high-tech environmental protection materials, domestic exclusive technical advantages

Enzyme sterilization air purification and disinfection technology (lysozyme filter material) is exclusively invented by Japan JP General Co., Ltd., and enjoys world patent protection (patent number: ZL97197682.1), Shandong Shuaidi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is legally authorized by the inventor The only user of lysozyme filter materials in the medical field in China.


Technological innovation


1. The exclusive introduction of the world's patented material-enzyme sterilization filter material (patent number: ZL 97 1 97682.1) has achieved a new breakthrough in green air purification and disinfection.

2. The research and development of innovative composite filter, the successful use of enzyme-killing filter materials in air purification and disinfection technology in line with China's national conditions, opened up a new situation in the field of air purification and disinfection with high efficiency and environmental protection, with independent intellectual property rights.

3. Energy-saving innovation: through advanced energy-saving structural design and innovative energy-saving concepts, the energy consumption is only 52W, which is one-tenth of the traditional air disinfection equipment.

4. Application innovation, through the combination of different quantities and forms, it is easy to achieve the requirements of 1,000, 10,000, and 100,000 clean rooms, creating a new idea of clean technology.


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